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Logic Fusion Private Limited is one of the pioneers in the Computer IT Solutions Market, originating in 1992. For nearly 3 decades, we have developed and implemented solutions for multiple market segments, across various technologies in the entire region. We have been at the forefront of introducing new technologies and solutions.

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  • Logic Fusion, headed by Mr. Gitesh Tibrewal, was our right choice for providing end to end IT Infrastructure Solution. Mr. Gitesh Tibrewal is a Tech-savvy person and has updated knowledge in the field of IT Infrastructure and solutions. All our current Robilo stores, central warehouse, offices, and other business locations are smoothly running...

    Atul Sharma, Founder & CEO
  • On the 19th of December 2018, there was a hard disk crash in one developer’s machine. We asked Mr. Gitesh Tibrewal of Logic Fusion Pvt. Ltd. for the requirement of the hard disk. The hard disk was delivered to our office within a couple of hours and helped us to save a lot of time. I was very pleased with their efficient time management...

    Anirudha Biswas, Director
  • I came to know about his specialization for TALLY i.e LOGIC FUSION being 5 STAR PARTNER OF TALLY. He always insisted me for computerized billing to make our billing process easier and hassle free by using TALLY but we were not ready to accept the change. Then after taking free demo, I started using the same, it works amazingly...

    Sumit Agarwal, Owner
  • During one of the weekly meeting of BNI ISHAA Chapter I was talking about my new venture and problems of inventory, as it was a completely a new stream for me, he immediately guided me and said leave it to us, we will take care of it. The same day Mr Gitesh Tibrewal, has sent his team for the inspection of site...

    Ajay Agarwal, Founder
  • Our business is highly dependent on a good IT Infrastructure. Building and maintaining a stagnant brand requires a smooth functioning of the IT Infrastructure in the office. It was quite challenging for us until we got the opportunity to take services from you. I have been taking your services for quite some time. I had purchased a scanner and desktop which saves at least 20-30 minutes of my team’s time on a daily basis. I will highly recommend you to my family, friends and investors.

    Prabin Agarwal, Founder

Our Customers

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