Data Synchronization Services

Data Synchronization Services - Logic Fusion

A flexible framework is required for any ERP software when it comes to deploying it across multiple locations. A typical setup may have a Head Office, Multiple branches, Warehouses & Factory location & Sales depots. The usage at multiple locations differs completely depending on the type of location & functionalities to be implemented. For eg the Sales department may want to enter only Sales Orders & Cheque received & may need to see the status of their orders & outstanding dues. The different tax policy in different states adds to the complexities of implementation.

Decide on architecture Type: Centralized / Decentralized / Hybrid, we will set it up for your Multi Location Organization. Sync Data on periodically or directly enter data into Central Tally Server or Cloud Based Server.

We have Multi Branch GST in single company as well.

Different Types of Setups

  • Decentralised Setup

    In decentralised architecture, Tally Data Synchronization capabilities ensures data exchange between Branches & Head office without much worries.

    Logic Fusion will not only do the initial setup for the Server & Client companies but also maintains it as part of post implementation support to see the Integrity of the data is maintained in most complex environment. We have also designed a system for Masters management avoiding its duplication & hence errors.

    Security & Controls are of prime importance & completely taken care of when Tally is implemented at remote location followed by maintenance of transaction log displaying its history of changes required for Auditing.

    We also understand & design a transaction workflow with Verification & Authorisation processes as required. For example a purchase order raised in the factory comes to Head office for verification & then moves back to Factory for sending it to vendor.

  • Centralized Setup

    An ideal setup but only in 100% connected environment through leased line or good broadband. It simplifies the data management but requires powerful Server at the centre. Logic Fusion recommends Tally.Server 9 to be installed to maintain good performance of the system.