Generate e-Way Bill from Tally

Generate e-Way Bill from Tally - Logic Fusion

With the commencement of the e-Way bill, every movement of goods above Rs. 50000/- shall be supported by e-Way Bill Number before transportation of goods.

It will help to track and ensure that the goods being transported comply with GST rules without any tax deviation.

With the aim to simplify the process of handling e-Way bills during transit of material, Tally Solution has come up with the new TallyPrime release which manages the details of single or consolidated e-Way bills during the creation of transaction by capturing the details like Mode of transport, GSTIN Number, Transporter Id, Vehicle Number, consignee details, etc. and generates an e-Way bill JSON file which shall be uploaded in e-Way Bill NIC Portal for the generation of e-Way bill. TallyPrime Comprehensive reports showcase a number of e-Way bills generated from transactions and any incomplete mandatory details required for generating the e-Way bill.

e-Way Bill System

Get ready to implement e-Way bill in TallyPrime and fasten the delivery process by following the below steps:


  • Provide e-Way bill details like applicability & threshold limit.
  • Record invoice with details required for e-Way bill, and create a JSON file.
  • Export the details of the e-Way bill from TallyPrime.
  • Upload the JSON file to the e-Way bill portal to generate the e-Way Bill.
  • Enter the e-Way Bill No. and e-Way Bill Date in the Update e-Way Bill Information.
  • Print the invoice with the e-Way bill number.